DyStar® Launches its Sustainability Report 2011

DyStar® Launches its Sustainability Report 2011

DyStar, the major textile auxiliaries and colorants supplier, is pleased to launch its second “Annual Sustainability Report” containing data and information about the Group’s sustainability performance for the calendar year 2011.

CarbonReport2011_180712_final-1In preparing the report, DyStar has followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, the internationally recognized standard for sustainability reporting. This year’s report also includes its performance on the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Ten Principles that the company endorsed last year.

“One of the main objectives of this report is to communicate our company’s social and environmental performance and what we are doing to make improvements” says Harry Dobrowolski CEO, DyStar Group. The report also explains what we consider to be the most material issues for our business and how our sustainable business strategy creates value for both the stakeholders and the shareholders”.

The report not only reinforces our commitment to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible and transparent manner but also explains how our products and services reduce our customers’ environmental impact and make their operations safer and cleaner, noted Dr. Charu Jain – Global Sustainability Manager, DyStar Group.

The report includes comprehensive data, examples and case studies that describe DyStar’s sustainability performance and approach across a number of areas including ethics and compliance, product stewardship, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, wastewater, waste, occupational health and safety, employees, society and business.

DyStar, with a heritage of over 100 years of both product and application innovation, was founded in 1995 as a coloration specialist for the textile and leather industries. Since then, the company has transformed itself into a solution provider, offering customers a complete range of colorants, auxiliaries and services. The DyStar Group has offices, competence centers, agencies and production plants in over 50 countries to ensure expertise is both global and local for brands & retailers, mills and dye-houses. Its DyStar Textile Services (DTS) division offers state of the art color communication through Color Solutions International (CSI), textile and ecology testing through Texanlab and ecology and environmental solutions and advice through its Ecology Solutions team, as well as offers Sustainable Textile Service programs which are specifically developed to help brands & retailers and their industry partners audit their supply chain and recommend sustainable solutions for improvement. With a focus on sustainability and eco compliance, our team of well-trained staff and modern service labs in major markets ensure that customers all over the world receive fast and expert technical assistance and advice to reduce costs, shorten lead times and meet stringent quality and ecological specifications. For more information, please visit us at http://www.DyStar.com.

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