ColorWall VUE®

Visual User Experience. The CSI ColorWall VUE allows designers to experience our ColorWall from a new point of vue.

We have arranged the ColorWall™ colors in color families within a 4 book set that fits neatly on the desk, and can be conveniently transported from office to office.


The ColorWall colors are displayed on 1” x 3” fabric swatches loosely mounted on removable chips to provide the most accurate vue of the colors. In addition, we have designed the ColorWall Vue® to accommodate the addition of new ColorWall color updates.

What CSI Offers

  • Collection of ~ 4000 color references to choose from
  • Colors are stocked and available for purchase
  • Searchable website :
  • New colors are added regularly
  • Easily removable 1” x 3” chips
  • Each ColorWall™ shade is quality controlled to a tolerance of 0.5 DE CMC 2:1 under multiple light sources: D65, F02, A10, & UL3000


  • Broad selection of ready color
  • Assurance that colors stay constant across seasons
  • ColorWall™ additions help keep you on trend
  • Chips can easily be removed and placed back
  • ColorWall Search allows you to search our ColorWall™ in several creative ways:
    • Browse the ColorWall™ by shade ranges
    • Upload a qtx file or simply input RGB or LAB values
    • Create a color by selecting from an online display of color space
    • Upload a picture or scan of your inspiration and see the colors separate

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