ColorWall VUE®

Visual User Experience. The CSI ColorWall VUE allows designers to experience our ColorWall from a new point of vue.

We have arranged the ColorWall™ colors in color families within a 4 book set that fits neatly on the desk, and can be conveniently transported from office to office.


The ColorWall colors are displayed on 1” x 3” fabric swatches loosely mounted on removable chips to provide the most accurate vue of the colors. In addition, we have designed the ColorWall Vue® to accommodate the addition of new ColorWall color updates.

Confident Color Selection

  • 4 – Binders 4.5″ x 12″ x 13″ (each)
  • Removable 1″ x 3″ fabric references

  • Feel confident that everyone is seeing the same color during the palette selection process

  • Provides access to colors at home and multiple locations

  • Ready color saves time and money
  • Each shade is quality controlled under multiple light sources

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