Solutions For Color Managers

From Art to Science – Helping Your Customers See What You See

Due to global sourcing, miscommunication of color has increased rapidly, especially throughout the supply chain process. Garments that fail industry fastness and performance requirements miss a current fashion trend due to late deliveries or don’t match the original inspiration of the designer are just a few of the problems associated with the color communication process.

How can CSI help designers and color managers achieve the right colors each season? Color Solutions International supports our customers with five key steps, so their suppliers and customers have precise and consistent colors.

Step 1: Communication

Color must be communicated accurately so, in our approach, the design process does not change; what does change is how the inspirational color is communicated.

Our Certified Color Standards provide an exact, scientific translation of the color. The properties behind the color standard are the “substance” that prevents companies from making costly mistakes and inspiring consumers to remain loyal to the brand or label.

Step 2: Producing Effective Color Standards

CSI Ready-Made-Colors (ColorWall Products, Color Library) provide a variety of trend-aligned colors from which designers may choose. The CSI Color Analysis Report presents these colors within an inspiring and data-driven layout. Also, our online ColorWall Search is the fastest way to find your color, allowing you to search our ColorWall™  in several creative ways.

Any color a designer chooses CSI Color Communication Tools, we guarantee an effective color standard by ensuring that the color translation from inspiration to color standard undergo the strictest quality control tests and processes.

Step 3: Distribution

Efficient color standard inventory and distribution models begin with a web-based platform allowing a supplier for the brand or retailer to register and access the color standards they need in order to fill the production orders.

The quick changes of fashion shorten the timelines to have the new designs produced; this creates the need for a fast color communication process. The digital color standard (Qtx-file) is the spectral data or “thumbprint” of the color. It is generated on a calibrated spectrophotometer and provides the manufacturer with an accurate, electronic standard that allows the mill to begin the lab dipping process while the physical color standard is being shipped, received and conditioned.

Step 4: Technical Support

Color Solutions International connects with the critical links in your supply chain and enables the manufacturer to communicate and distribute its color standards and requirements to the mills and vendors. Due to our close connection to DyStar, CSI offers technical expertise as well as training and consultancy services to suppliers (e.g. Garment Denim Wash Training). We offer assistance to achieve the highest ecological standards, sustainable solutions and insight into existing and new industry regulatory requirements.

DyStar is located in every significant production country, and designated technicians are there to provide customized formulations to support the production of fabrics on different substrates.

Step 5: Measurement and Tracking

A periodic review of your program’s value and benefits is important. Collecting and reviewing color data is a key component of monitoring and improving your color communication process.

Sales alone may not provide an accurate view of the efficiency of your program. In order to evaluate the effectiveness that a good color communication program brings to your company, measurement criteria should be established. Many successful companies begin by measuring the following criteria:

  • number of lab dips and bulk submits required to achieve an approval
  • markdowns due to color inconsistency or colorfastness issues
  • late shipments that missed the trend or season due to color compromises
  • air freight charges for goods transported to meet seasonal product launches and consumer demands

Our color tracking programs will allow you to review and improve your color development and communication process.

Building an efficient color management system

Building an efficient color management system for your company is a work in progress. Small strides in each of the five key steps will enable you to consistently execute your color palettes while maximizing the advantages offered by your color service providers in an evolving global supply chain.

We provide a variety of “ready,” trend-aligned color to your design team. These color choices can be translated and communicated throughout the supply chain, and allow an easy transition of color from “art” to “science”. In essence, we translate color from design to manufacturing so the consumer can shop and see that perfect and beautiful color.

Color Solutions International is the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools. Find out what CSI can do for you.