Work from Home Solutions

Are you making the same decisions in your color office and home office?

CSI offers a package of color management tools well suited for a Work from Home environment.
  • ColorWall VUE® provides access to CSI ColorWall colors at home
  • Customized Color Library – a personal collection containing custom colors and ColorWall colors at home
  • CSI ColorReader PRO provides a way to search color targets and find existing matches while working from home
  • CSI Palette Builder provides a collaboration platform for design and color teams working remotely
  • Portable Lightboxes provide controlled lighting for making accurate color decisions in a home environment
  • CSI ColorFlow provides web-based real time access to color as it moves through the supply chain

ColorWall VUE®

Customized Color Library

CSI ColorReader PRO

CSI Palette Builder®

Portable Lightbox

CSI ColorFlow®

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