CSI ColorReader PRO

CSI offers a unique tool that allows customers to search color targets and find existing matches. In partnership with Datacolor, CSI has developed a workflow that allows customers to find matches from the CSI ColorWall, CSI Color Library, and even the Custom Color libraries of their clients.

This innovative approach offers a cost-effective and time-saving way for brands and retailers to find colors and add them to color palettes. This solution allows brands to accelerate palette creation, reduce the cost of color development and ensure color quality and evaluation throughout the supply chain.

The CSI ColorReader PRO can store up to 10,000 colors and has an OLED display for use as a standalone device.

It can be paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth. The ColorReader App is available for iPhone or Android smartphones. It can be configured to allow the user to access additional color libraries, build and share color palettes, or find coordinating colors.

To learn more about ColorReader PRO or see how CSI can make your library of colors available to search

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