Active Brights for Polyamide and Polyester

Color Solutions International offers 16 Active Bright colors that represent our most brilliant, must have additions to your seasonal palettes.


Active Brights take full advantage of the specialty dyes available for polyamide (Nylon) to achieve shades not possible with dyes for cotton.

For an optimal color development of fluorescents, active brights are created with flavine and rhodamine acid dyes. While essential to creating these eye-popping colors, these dyes have technical limitations in regards to their light stability.  Expect a lower than usual light-fastness result. The application of a fixing agent will improve the wash stability.


The polyester Active Bright colors possess good light and wash stability to provide designers and product developers with technically sound color options relative to other fluorescent colors on textiles.


Our super bright colors are in stock and available to create certified color standards and design tools season after season!

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