The ColorWall™ is used by designers to specify colors for seasonal palettes. Once a ColorWall™ color is selected, CSI can create Certified Color Standards to communicate your palettes to your supply chain. The ColorWall™ is also a source for Design Tools.

Stay on Trend

Unlike other color specifiers, ColorWall™ colors are dynamic. Our experienced staff of colorists constantly analyze the colors against multiple trend services. New colors are added regularly and obsolete shades are replaced to keep the ColorWall™ on trend. The updates are provided with no additional cost.

What CSI Offers

  • Collection of ~ 4000 color references to choose from
  • Colors are stocked and available for purchase
  • New! 3 panel grids for versatile display variations
  • Searchable website:
  • New colors are added regularly
  • Loose 2” x 4” ribbons adhered on tags, arranged by color family
  • Each ColorWall™ shade is quality controlled to a tolerance of 0.5 DE CMC 2:1 under multiple light sources: D65, F02, A10, & UL3000


  • Broad selection of ready color
  • Assurance that colors stay constant across seasons
  • Versatile displays make it easier to view and place the ColorWall™ in your office: Triangle Wheel Display; Stationary Floor Display; Wall Mount Display
  • ColorWall™ additions help keep you on trend
  • The 2” x 4” ribbons provide a large piece of unbacked material for viewing
  • ColorWall Search allows you search our ColorWall™ in several creative ways

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