Solutions For Designers

Color Solutions International offers support to designers and color managers from their first inspiration throughout the entire supply chain. CSI solutions guarantee a fast, efficient and accurate color communication process to respond quickly and effectively to today’s retail market.

Choosing The Right Color

Color is an essential tool in the design process and finding the right color can be an exciting challenge.

Designers often find inspiration in art, travel, and culture then bring that inspiration to their creative process. Color Solutions International’s Color Design Tools help fashion designers visualize and plan the upcoming season and facilitate the internal communication of their designs to bring their inspirations to life.

Our ColorWall and 8,000-shade Color Library provide ready-made colors to support the most innovative inspirations. For the unique color selection that cannot be matched with our ready-made shades; we offer Dye-to-Match and Tailor-Made Colors.

CSI offers the following solutions to serve designers with their color selection process:

  • Color Communication Tools – Products that assist designers in strengthening color communication from first inspiration to the retail market.
  • ColorWall™— A convenient, efficient tool for designers to choose trend-aligned shades.
  • Color Library— The 8,000-shade library that provides support to ColorWall.
  • Custom Color Matching— For perfect color matching we provide an exact, scientific process to obtain even the most elusive of shades.
  • Design Tools— A variety of tools that are an integral part of internal color communication.

Color Solutions International is the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools. Find out what CSI can do for you.