Custom Color Matching

For that “perfect” color, that is not available as a Ready Made Color, CSI provides a color match service for different kinds of substrates (cotton, nylon and polyester).

Custom Colors

Our Custom Color Matching process allows you to get the color you want under the light sources you require. We can create a Certified Standard and Design Tools from these colors for a fast, easy and accurate color communication process. Find out more about Dye-to-Match and Tailor Made colors below.


Fine-tune your colors.  Color Solutions International can custom match your colors on cotton, polyester or nylon substrates.


Our dye-to-match service allows you to get the exact color you want under the light sources you require.


When you approve your Custom Color, we can create Certified Color Standards and Design Tools for communication to your supply chain partners.

Tailor Made Colors

Color Solutions international can customer dye and engineer your colors to achieve desired fastness and right first time performance with consideration of the environmental footprint. Tailor-made colors are available on cotton, polyester, or nylon substrates. Our tailor-made color program focuses on matching your desired specifications.

What CSI Offers

  • Each color is matched using your light sources
  • Dye formulations are engineered to your fastness and performance specifications
  • Secondary dyeings on other fiber types are available
  • Colors are reviewed for predicted issues in the manufacturing process


  • Reduced delays due to technical issues in the manufacturing process
  • Limitations on color achievability and fastness are known early in the design process

Color Solutions International is the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools. Find out what CSI can do for you.