Company Overview

Color Solutions International,  a division of DyStar, provides retailers and brands with a variety of flexible color options and services. Our expert staff will create, manage and distribute your color standards. CSI is supported by DyStar in every major production country.

What We Do

Color Solutions International is a leading provider of color standards and color communication tools for leading brands and retailers. Since 1999 the CSI team of color experts have worked with designers and color managers providing in-depth color data, customized color, and trend consultation.

What CSI Offers

  • Combination of physical and electronic color standards
  • Quality controlled to customer specifications
  • Customized products
  • Global distribution via website
  • Customer service
  • Environmentally focused
  • Additional services
  • Documention for traceability and tracking
  • Vender supported programs offering low entry cost


  • Improved color consistency from designer to consumer
  • Effective communications through entire supply chain
  • Shorter lead times for color approval process
  • Assurance that colors will stay constant across seasons and substrates

Products, Services and Customers

Color Solutions International supports designers and color managers from their first inspiration, through color selection to the final product in the store with precise and consistent color management. Our expert staff provides an efficient and accurate process for responding to today’s retail market.

Colors, Inspirations and Design

CSI Color Analysis Report offers trend aligned seasonal colors presented in color stories inspired by trend, art & culture to assist the designer with visualizing and planning their upcoming seasonal palettes. Each issue includes an exclusive Relative Color Popularity (RCP) report. RCP is a marriage of color validation with trend and color forecasting. Designers and color managers have come to rely on this data season after season. Designers have access to this variety of colors through an array of color communication tools, and when a unique color is needed the CSI color experts are available for a custom color consultation.

Color Communication

Certified Standards build the bridge between designer and manufacturer and help the color manager to coordinate the translation from the design to the finished fashion product. The CSI Color Communication program saves our customers time and enables them to focus on the design and development of their colors. Our dedicated staff manages color palettes, inventory and the distribution of color standards. Program accounts can track and analyze the distribution of their palettes with our easy web-based reporting functions..

Technical Expertise

In addition, our global network of technical experts provide support to vendors and mills. DyStar Textile Services include auditing, problem-solving, productivity improvement and the introduction of innovative new technologies.


We are constantly exploring new ways to bring the world’s most reliable color management services to our customers. By continuously taking steps to forge new paths and enter new areas of the industry, we discover new ways to help our customers, as well as refine our process to create the best possible experience.

Color Solutions International is the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools. Find out what CSI can do for you.