Solutions For Supply Chain Partners

Your customers instruct you about the design and the colors they require. It is important to deliver products that meet and exceed the customers’ requirements and to deliver products with consistent colors and minimal metamerism. With our products and services we support you in achieving this.

What we deliver

If our Certified Color Standard is used, you receive:

  • A combination of a visual reference fabric
  • A digital standard file (QTX file).

With the visual reference we provide a color standard that is dyed on a selected substrate using robust formulas produced with globally available, environmentally-friendly dyes from DyStar.

The digital standard, which is distributed in a QTX file, is the spectral data—or thumbprint—of the color. Within that file we provide the specific dye formulas and the measurement conditions of your customer. The QTX file is available for you within seconds of receiving the order for physical color standard. The file works with your dye-formulation software to save money and time that you would otherwise need to do lab dips and get the color approval from your customer. The QTX file may also be used as a reference in your quality control system to quickly get the delta information of your sample compared to the color standard.

Many of our Brand and Retail accounts report a 50% reduction in the number of lab dips or bulk submission required to achieve color approval.

How we deliver

Our service includes:

  • Fast shipping of the certified standards
  • Order tracking
  • Instant availability of the electronic standard

How we support you

If you need technical assistance in color matching or matching color on different fabrics (e.g. polyester or nylon), we are the right company to contact. Our partnership with DyStar ensures that we have the technical expertise needed, during the order process or after the sale.

With our color palettes it is possible for you to find all of your customers colors online through My CSIContact us if you are interested in developing your own color palette.

Our global service platform guarantees access to experienced consultants in all areas of coloration and finishing technology – right on your doorstep.

Our service includes:

  • Auditing
  • Problem-solving
  • Productivity improvement
  • Innovative new technologies (e.g. LAVA U Garment Wash Training)

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