Certified Color Standards

Certified Color Standards are a combination of a visual reference and a master electronic standard in the form of spectrophotographic refletance data. The measurement conditions are determined by the brand or retail program account and are typically stored in a qtx-formatted file. Certified color standards are customized for the brand or retailer with their individual color names or IDs, their logo, and their own layout.

Precise Color Communication

CSI offers a complete service package for brands and retailers to make color communication easy including the distribution of the color standards, the traceability of the distribution on the website, recipes and technical support in the color matching process as well as online tools to facilitate the approval process. The recipes are based on high quality environmentally friendly dyes and pigments.

Using certified color standards makes color communication easy by reducing the number of lab dips which leads to a more efficient process and reduces costs. It guarantees best results for the finished product with precise colors and high color consistency.

What CSI Offers

  • Certified Visual reference
  • Master electronic standard
  • Distribution and traceability through the website
  • Recipes available
  • Customized display cards
  • Dedicated customer service representative for each program account
  • Technical support


  • Precise color
  • Improved color consistency
  • Effective communication
  • Shorter lead times for color approval process
  • Assurance that colors will stay constant
  • Customization
  • Access to technical expertise
  • Cost reduction

Certified Standards for Textiles

Certified Color Standards for Textiles are the solution for the fashion and apparel industry as well as for the home design industry. Usually provided on cotton, standards can also be offered on nylon or polyester while custom standards are also available on other substrates.


The 2” x 8” visual reference fabric is individually quality controlled to be within we 0.50 CMC 2:1 to the master electronic standard. It is presented in a grey folder.


All ColorWall™ Colors as well as the inspiration colors and the textile design tools are immediately available as certified standards. Other colors can be custom manufactured.

Certified Standards for Plastics

Certified Color Standards for Plastics are used to communicate color on a variety of plastic mediums. They can also be coordinated with certified textile standards while maintaining color consistency.


The visual reference of a plastic color standard is a 2×3 chip available as solid plastic or tint. Both a matt and a gloss finish are shown on the certified standards.


Pigment recipes are also available on the cards and reformulation service is available on other polymers while being quality controlled at Δ.5 CMC or less. There are endless uses for plastic standards whether it be home, industrial or automotive products. We have also introduced chrome plated plastic, an even more durable form of plastic, as a certified standard.

Color Solutions International is the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools. Find out what CSI can do for you.