Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability is not just an ideal. For us, it’s a reality, and a critical part of our process. Color Solutions International uses DyStar dyes to bring the most environmentally-friendly and cost effective solutions into the market.

DyStar’s Ecology Solutions package helps textile producers meet the demand for responsible and sustainable production. As part of its econfidence™ Program, DyStar advises customers on issues relating to ecology and chemicals legislation and recommends suitable products to meet ecological specifications. Their own high standards of quality and environmental protection make them an expert partner in this field. Learn more about sustainability at

Our products facilitate a sustainable design process. Our Inspirations and ColorWall™ provide trend-aligned colors that can be used in the design. The designer simply specifies the color required by referencing the desired trend inspiration color, and color standards can be produced from already-prepared fabric. This eliminates the costly and wasteful process of lab dipping and color approval for each new color.

During the design process, there is often the need to reproduce palettes or display groups of colors, resulting in a lot of printed paper. Working in a virtual environment results in less waste. The alternative to the digital colors are the CSI Design Tools, which are reusable and therefore cause less waste. Learn more…

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