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The ColorWallette® is a small version of the ColorWall™ that is used by designers to specify colors for seasonal palettes. Once a ColorWall™ color is selected, CSI can create Certified Color Standards to communicate your palettes to your supply chain.

The ColorWall™ On The Go

The Color Wallette® presents all of the ColorWall™ colors in a small chiclet form, available in one compact book for easy travel use. Pages are removable for easy comparison to inspiration colors. Designers can have color references available on inspiration trips, at fashion shows, or while shopping.  This offers an even faster, more accurate design and color communication process.


An updated version of the Color Wallette® containing 50 new colors organized by color family is now available for purchase. However, if you already have a Color Wallette®, you can simply purchase a supplemental page with the 50 additional colors below.

What CSI Offers

  • The entire collection of ColorWall™ references all in one small book
  • Index guide that references between the Color Wallette® and the ColorWall™
  • Colors are stocked and available for purchase in ribbon form
  • Each ColorWall™ shade is quality controlled to a tolerance of 0.5 DE CMC 2:1 under multiple light sources: D65, F02, A10, & UL3000
  • Searchable website:
  • Supplemental page with additional colors organized by color family


  • Broad selection of ready color to choose from
  • Easier to find a selection of similar colors
  • Assurance that colors stay constant across seasons
  • Portable size for easy travel use
  • Find colors easily with the index guide on the ColorWall™

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