CSI launching Color Insights 2018

CSI launching Color Insights 2018

Color Solutions International, a member of the DyStar® Group and the global provider of color standards for design industries, today introduced the Color Insights 2018 report. This multi-platform forecast offers seasonal inspiration, key color by trending hue and valuable color data to support product development within women’s and men’s fashion, active wear, kids and lifestyle, as well as home and commercial design.

The CSI team of color experts manages the seasonal color palettes of over 100 Brands and Retailers on an annual basis. Colors are selected from CSI’s Color Wall, Color Library or created through custom dyeing which represents over 10,000 colors. CSI’s color management process has created an extensive database of historical color usage information. This year CSI supported the development of approximately 900 color palettes. Utilizing their historical color data, CSI launched in 2017 a proprietary color validation process called relative color popularity (RCP) index in their seasonal trends.

“Our Color Insights 2018 report is a unique color forecast based on market research, historical color data and our RCP index. We decided that our customers would benefit from receiving a palette of must-have colors for creating their 2018 seasonal color palettes rather than an individual color” stated Ron Pedemonte, Vice President Americas.

The report highlights key colors that play an important role across categories. Blues remain classic, yet in 2018, they are expanding into cobalt blues from the depths of Indigo to bright bold accents with a red cast, giving it a new perspective against relevant workwear blues seen as washed down mid-tones. Softer shades of purple become more sophisticated by evolving into a redder casted tone seen in lilac and mauve and warm muted blush tones to rich copper oranges; a modern twist to deep reds. Tinted neutrals emerge, becoming a solid foundation to a palette. Greens are complex, with nature’s influence giving a renewed interest in rich saturated emerald greens to dark forest pine with levels of youthful acidic tones crossing into gold yellows. “There is a delicate balance with these colors. They are inspired by urban dwelling and nature’s forest, bringing our environment into our mindset and lifestyle.” Heather Sandwall, Color and Trend Director.

The report is available on the CSI blog  and can be downloaded HERE


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