Seasonal Inspirations

Let our colors be your inspiration. We need inspiration in every aspect of our life. Color is an important tool in design. Color fascinates us, evokes emotions, and gives character to our product.

Seasonal inspirations offer trend aligned and popular seasonal colors presented in different color palettes. Each inspiration has its own theme and brings the color palette into a context to inspire designers and help them to plan the upcoming season.

ColorWall™ Colors are used to create the color palettes. Therefore the colors are immediately available as Color Standards and Design Tools.


  • ColorWall™ Colors appearing in the CSI Inspiration are immediately available for Color Standards and Design Tools
  • Spectral Data for design software is available for the inspiration colors

Available for Purchase

  • 2 x 8″ Ribbons for Individual colors
  • 2 x 8″ Ring (Includes all colors for current season)
  • Optional sizes for Design Tools are available upon request

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