Garment Denim Wash Effects

Garment Denim Wash Effects

Together with DyStar, we develop innovative, trend-aligned wash effects in our garment wash development center in Reidsville, NC. DyStar Turkey, our center of excellence in Europe,  is constantly developing new techniques for the global market.

Garment Denim Wash Training (LAVA U)

Through LAVA U we offer training on popular denim wash effects for creative teams. Each class includes a mix of classroom learning and discussions, practical application exercises, and opportunities to design and execute your own garments!

Contact us about  our upcoming LAVA U workshops.
(3 days; $1,500 per person)

Wash Development Center

Our facility in Reidsville, NC is also available for companies and individuals to do their own wash development. Contact us if you have any questions about our LAVA U workshops or the usage of our facilities in Reidsville.

Lava Dyes for Colored Denim

With our new Lava Dyes you can achieve bright shades and dark colors on denim. They also offer great possibilities in creating wash effects due to their exellent decolorization with permanganate and accelerator. Coloration can be done at a low temperature and great light and wash fastness can be achieved without pre-cationaization or binders.

Lava Dyes support a sustainable dyeing process due to lower energy and water consumption.



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