CSI Color Space

CSI Color Space is the perfect environment for our customers to create
their color palettes for the upcoming season.

Color Palette Creation

In the center of CSI ColorSpace is the Color Library. It contains approx. 5,000 colors to pick from. You can search for the right color under any light source thanks to our unique, adjustable LED lighting system. In addition, you will have access to the CSI ColorWall as well as our dye laboratory to do custom matching and color approval onsite.
CSI Color Space Studio


CSI ColorSpace offers an open work environment that allows networking between the different teams visiting but we also provide private collaboration rooms – work spaces where you can develop your palettes under your light sources. The private collaboration rooms are also equipped with our LED light system.


Our dedicated color team will support you in your color search process and in the palette development. We provide our color analysis and trend information.

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