Web based tools for color management


The CSIPaletteBuilder™ is the CSI customer interface to communicate palettes with color searching and library functions. This is a web interface to manage the palette creation and communication between design teams, internal divisions and CSI.

Replacing the current spreadsheet forms and e-mails used for communicating palettes, the CSIPaletteBuilder™ will provide the customer with the tools to efficiently create, build and share seasonal color palettes. The CSIPaletteBuilder™ can communicate with PLM system to provide easy transfer of important color information. Furthermore, the CSIPaletteBuilder™ provides easy communication of the color palette to CSI for processing.

Key Benefits:

  1. Speed up the color development process by 1 to 2 weeks of time through improved palette organization
  2. Create and share color palettes across design teams and divisions
  3. Minimize duplicate colors being developed across multiple divisions
  4. Save money, time and resources


The CSIColorFlow™ program is a customized and integrated selection of web based tools to manage workflow in the color approval process. It will allow color departments to manage lab-dip and bulk approvals on-line in an efficient manner.

Key Benefits:

  1. Access to the same data can be granted to liaison offices, vendors, or mills
  2. Powerful analytics provide instant on-line, colormetric analysis of lab-lips and bulk submissions
  3. Administrative reporting tools allows the color office to monitor approval and rejection rates by vendor, color, or fabrication
  4. Email notifications can be sent regarding necessary actions to users and groups
  5. Event logs to document timelines
  6. Automated reporting for users and non-users
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