CSI ColorWall™ Colors for Print Design

ColorWall Colors are now available to use in Adobe’s plugin for
Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Textile Designer.

Adobe has developed a great new tool for print design on textiles and CSI is supporting our customers who use this program by making its ColorWall colors available to use for print color selection.

In addition, the CSI branded version of DataColor’s ColorReaderPRO is available to make an efficient workflow possible without leaving the Adobe Textile Designer software.

To see how you can use the ColorReaderPRO in Adobe Textile Designer, watch the video below.

To get a swatch library file of the CSI ColorWall for use in Adobe Textile Designer, please see the instructions at the bottom of this page.

How it works

1) Start your design in Adobe Textile Designer and connect the ColorReaderPro device

2) Capture inspiration color with the ColorReaderPro and information is automatically transferred into Adobe Textile Designer

3) Choose from the closest CSI ColorWall standards recommended in Adobe Textile Designer and apply to your design

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